Data Solutions

Internet Connection
It’s pretty difficult to run your business without the internet. Make sure your entire office is working on a fast and secure connection with help from Nu-TEL. We provide carrier services for hundreds of carriers all over the United States.

You should always protect your data network with a router designed for your business. Nu-TEL recommends SonicWall routers and security solutions for small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises worldwide.

All data networks require a switch to move data from servers to work stations. Nu-TEL can provide data switches to meet your company’s budget. With today’s emphasis on IP integrated products, we can help you choose the right switch for your applications.

Access Points
Access points provide WiFi coverage for users on a data network. Nu-TEL can provide you with many WiFi options to meet your specific needs.

Infrastructure Cabling
As networks become more complex, so do the data cabling requirements. Nu-TEL can provide you with all types of cabling solutions from category 6 copper to fiber optics. Nu-TEL’s knowledgeable technicians provide this service.

Call us today to learn more about any of these data solutions and to hear about our full list of products and services.