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Can I do this with my Avaya IP Office Phone System?

Take a look at our frequently asked questions about the Avaya IP Office phone system.  If you have a more specific question please fill out the form on the right.

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Can I have my desk phone and cell phone ring at the same time?

Yes you can.  It’s called mobile twinning.  When mobile twinning is activated on desk phones and the Avaya IP Office is configured for SIP or PRI trunks, calls to that phone will ring the desk phone and cell phone simultaneously.  The user can answer on either device. What’s even better is that the user can answer the call on the cell phone, go back to the the desk and pick up the call off the cell phone!

Calls that are answered on mobile twinned phone can also transfer calls back to the office and off the cell phone.  This is a great way to stay connected even when you are outside the office.

Users can also transfer an active call out to the twinned cell phone when its time to leave the office but your still on an important call.

Tell me about parking calls on the Avaya IP Office Phone System…

As an alternative to placing a call on hold, a call can be parked on the system to be picked by another user.  The call park facility is available through the user’s telephone, Avaya one-X™ Portal for IP Office, or  SoftConsole. Calls are Parked against a ‘park slot number’ which can be announced over a paging system so the person the call is for can go to any phone and collect the call by dialing the park slot number.

On digital telephones with DSS/BLF keys it is possible to program Park keys that will indicate when there is a call in a particular park slot and allow calls to be parked or retrieved.
There is a system configurable timeout that determines how long a call may remain parked before it is represented
to the extension that originally parked the call.

Can the Avaya IP Office Phone system connect multiple locations together?

When connecting IP Offices together over IP or Packet based networks, Small Community Networking
enhances feature transparency. These networks can support up to a maximum of 1000 users across 32 sites.
The following additional features are available.
· Busy Lamp Field
· Camp-on
· Call Back When Free
· Paging
· Call Pick-up and Network Call Park
· Centralized Personal Directory for 1400, 1600, 9600 and T3 Telephones as well as Avaya one-X™ Portal for IP Office
· Centralized System Directory for 1400, 1600, 9600 and T3 Telephones as well as Avaya one-X™ Portal for IP Office
· Centralized Call Log for 1400, 1600, 9600 and T3 Telephones as well as Avaya one-X™ Portal for IP Office
· Centralized Voicemail (Preferred Edition)
Support for mailboxes, call recording, dial by name and auto attendants. Remote queuing on remote systems is also supported.
· Distributed/Backup Voice Messaging
· Internal Directory
· Absence Text Message
· Anti-Tromboning.
· Distributed Hunt Groups
Hunt groups can include users located on other IP Office systems within the network. Note that Distributed Hunt Groups are not supported for use with Customer Call Reporter.
· Remote Hot Desking
Users can hot desk between IP Office systems within the network. The system on which the user configured is termed their ‘home’ IP Office; all other systems are ‘remote’ IP Offices. Note that Remote Hot Desking is not supported for use with CCC and CCR.
· Breakout Dialing
This feature allows the user to select an IP Office system in the network from a displayed list and then dial a subsequent number as if dialing locally on the chosen system. This feature is triggered either by a programmable button or short code.

Can we play different on hold messages for each company on the Avaya IP Office?

Yes you can.  The Avaya IP Office allows for different messages on hold based on incoming call route.  Each group of numbers or DIDs for a company can get given its own MOH source.

Can we have different automated attendant greetings for multiple companies on an Avaya IP Office?

Yes.  You can have virtually an unlimited number of automated attendant greetings and call flows.

If mobile twinning is on and I don’t answer my smartphone, will the caller be directed back to my Avaya IP Office mailbox?

Its up to you.  Depending on how the timers are set in the IP office (and your cell phone provider) you can have twinned calls go to either you office mailbox or your cell phone mailbox.  Its your choice!

Can the Avaya IP Office be set up to listen in on calls for training purposes?

This feature is available with Essential Edition, Preferred and Advanced Editions.
Silent Intrusion or Whisper Page can be effective in a scenario where a secretary/administration support
intrudes into a call of his/her boss to whisper that a very important customer is waiting. The boss hears his/
her secretary while talking to the caller but the caller will not be able to hear the secretary.

· Allows for the interruption or inclusion of a supervisor, co-worker to join a call without far end caller
listening to the conversation.
· Used in call center scenarios and with other applications between employees. Supports the
interruption or inclusion of a supervisor on a live call to talk to an agent without the far-end caller
listening to the conversation. This is useful when the agent needs coaching support/training or when
the supervisor needs to intrude to give instructions to an agent. The caller may still talk to the agent,
but the caller will not hear what the supervisor is saying. The agent will be able to hear both the caller
and the supervisor.

The feature enables users on a call to ‘intrude’ and listen depending on the configuration of the end users, i.e.
whether Coaching Intrusion or Whisper Page is used. Coaching intrusion and Whisper page cannot be done on
and idle user. It may be done for internal calls or with external calls. This feature is enable through the IP
Office manager for each IP Office user. Only authorized users can use the coach/whisper feature. Default
setting is off.

If my Avaya IP Office telephone is set for do not disturb, can it be overridden?

Yes if you set up an override list.  This list can be made up of internal extensions and external phone numbers.  This is a great way to allow that important customer or co-worker to get to you no matter what

Can I log into any site in my Avaya IP Office phone system network with my own extension number?

Depending on what release you have, yes!  If a user is hot desk enabled and the systems have the appropriate networking licenses, the user can log into any site with their original extension number.

Can I queue callers and play music and/or a message while they wait with the Avaya IP Office?

The Avaya IP Office allow for four 90 second WAV files plus the use of analog extension ports for music on hold.  Alternate sources for music on hold are selectable for use by Incoming Call Routes or Hunt Groups.

Can I have my voicemail messages emailed to me?

Yes, it is a standard feature on the Avaya IP Office.

Can I put and Avaya IP Office phone in my house or other remote location?

Yes you can.  As long as there are IP resources in the Avaya IP Office, there are many different options available for remote phones.  You can you IP hard phones like the 9600 or 96×1 series or you can use Avaya Softphone that loads on a an Apple or PC.  Once enabled, practically all the features available to you inside your office are available remotely.

On the Avaya IP Office, can I have one group of phones cover another group of phones?

Not only can the Avaya IP Office programmed to allow groups of phone to cover each other, groups on remote systems networked together can cover each other.  For instance you may want all calls to “Office A” to ring 4 times, then be covered by a group in “Office B”.  or you may want one group that consists of users in both offices to ring at the same time.  This is easily done with Avaya IP Office.

Can I set up multiple paging groups on the Avaya IP Office?

The Avaya IP Office handles paging with ease.  You can create as many paging zones as you like.  Paging zones can consist of Avaya digital and/or IP phones as well as external paging horns.  Your system can even be set up to allow paging between remote sites.  Pageing can be access with the use of codes, buttons or a combination of both.

Can our Avaya IP Office be set up for multiple companies and can I control the caller ID number that is sent?

Yes you can set up the Avaya IP Office for multiple companies with a few caveats.  We have programmed many systems this way but it’s best to give us a call to discuss your multiple tenant needs.

Can the Avaya IP Office replace my answering service?

Many physician’s offices and other types of companies have used the Avaya IP Office to replace an after hours answering service.  There are many different ways on-call notification can be set up, from directing callers to a mailbox that can call or email a notification, to actually transferring the caller to the on-call employee.

Can I call forward my phone when I am outside the office without someone having to go to my phone?

Of course!  No one want to get calls forwarded to them on the weekend when they don’t have too.  Just call in to your mailbox and turn forwarding on or off at any time.

Does the Avaya IP Office support SIP trunks from many different providers?

Yes it does.  The Avaya IP Office offers industry standard SIP features and settings.  Avaya IP Office can handle either SIP trunks “with internet” meaning the provider has offered an engineered solution with internet access, or SIP trunk “over internet” meaning the SIP service is provided by a third party carrier over your existing internet connection.  With the second solution, firewall ports must be open and forwarded to the Avaya IP Office.

SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) trunks are a great way for businesses to get features like Direct Inward Dial and Caller ID control and forwarding and save reduce costs on recurring monthly charges from the Telco.

Can the Avaya IP Office phone system track calls that go in and out of my office?

The Avaya IP Office collects SMDR data on all calls and can send that data to call accounting software using various methods. Our favorite call accounting software is Xima Chronicall. Chronicall offers many different options from basic call record accounting to integration with the Voice Recording Library (VRL) on the Avaya IP Office. Chronicall also offers integration for call center managers to track and view agent activity in real time. Click here to learn more about Xima Chronicall.

Can I run voicemail on a virtual server with the Avaya IP Office phone system?

Yes you can. Starting in version 6 The Avaya IP Office supports the virtualization of the Voicemail Pro (aka Preferred Edition).