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Avaya IP Office Support Services

Support Services Matrix for Nu-TEL Landing PageAvaya IP Office Phone System Support Services – Remote Support

Get access to knowledgeable techs that are always here for you…

Annual remote support packages start at $395.00

Nu-TEL’s Avaya IP Office phone system support services are ready to connect remotely to your Avaya IP Office.

A staffed help desk with ticketing system to assist with your issue.

Open a ticket by phone or email.

Certified technicians with experience on Avaya IP Office version 2.1 to present.

Clients all over the U.S. rely on our quick response everyday.

Your advocate in resolving telephone company issues.


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96xxipossRemote System Access — Standard

Every system Nu-TEL installs in the field is equipped with the elements required to access systems remotely. In order for Nu-TEL to provide our customers with the best support possible, it is essential that we have the ability to probe your system remotely when necessary, perform changes or determine the root cause of system issues and resolve them quickly.

96xxipossAnnual License Remote Support

Every system we support includes software licensing required for remote connectivity, programming, and diagnostics. This capability allows us to quickly resolve field issues and perform changes to the programming with minimal disruption.

96xxipossRemote Diagnostics

Nu-TEL utilizes many advanced diagnostic tools that provide us with critical information about your systems’ status. In most cases, we can remotely resolve issues and eliminate costly technician visits.

96xxipossUnlimited Help Desk Support

Feel free to call Nu-TEL during our normal business hours, and get the answers you need regarding features, functions, expansions, interoperability – virtually any topic that has to do with your communications system. One of our skilled professionals will take the time to understand your requirements, research and provide you with answers.   Call as often as necessary.

96xxipossEmergency Response

4-Hours Nu-TEL will respond to major system issues within a 4-Hour period during coverage period hours. This policy is an industry standard and we can meet this requirement easily. However, we are proud of the fact that we almost always respond immediately to our customers who need help and need it fast.

96xxipossUnlimited Remote Programming

We realize the dynamic nature of a typical office environment. When employees are hired, moved, or change job functions, Nu-TEL will access your system and make those changes when they occur.   Need to add new functionality or initiate a system feature? No problem, simply email or call us with the request, and our system engineers will design and configure the system to meet your needs.

96xxipossCarrier Troubleshooting & Remediation

Today, the connection and interoperability between the system and the carrier is complex and may require advanced troubleshooting to determine the root cause of problems. Nu-TEL is committed to isolating these issues on your behalf with the carrier, and making sure a solution is in place.

96xxipossPriority Service Scheduling & Call Queue

Your calls jump to the head of our support Que and have priority so that you can get your answers quickly. Additionally, your status will also provide you with priority scheduling should the need arise for a technical customer visit.

96xxipossExtended Parts Warranty

Phones are included during the term of your Support Services coverage, Nu-TEL will extend a warranty on your system parts including phones. Should a part or phone fail in the field, Nu-TEL will simply replace it at no charge.

96xxipossTelecom Consulting

Take advantage of our expertise to understand the capabilities of your system, solve business problems, increase your customer service and help minimize costs. Most of our staff has over 25 years of telecom experience and can help design and configure applications that will work for you.

96xxipossAdvanced Replacement Parts

If we can determine that a faulty part is the cause of a system issue, Nu-TEL will provide a like part and either ship it to you for replacement, or send our technician to install it on-site if necessary. We stock spare parts to support our entire installed base and will not leave our customers waiting for parts to arrive from the manufacturer.

96xxipossLabor/Site Visit

Any issue that cannot be resolved remotely will be handled via a technician site visit. Our staff will stay as long as it takes to complete the job and solve the problem.